Regime Types, Regime Identities, and African Foreign Policies Article

Clark, JF. (2023). Regime Types, Regime Identities, and African Foreign Policies . AFRICA TODAY, 69(3), 53-73. 10.2979/africatoday.69.3.03

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  • Clark, JF



  • Despite the common interests of African states vis-à-vis the rest of the world, African states display autonomy and variety in their foreign policies with one another. How can we account for this variation? This article advances the idea that regime type and regime identity frame the overall foreign policies of African states. It identifies three regime types: the competitive multiparty regime, the party-dominant regime, and the personalist regime. The latter two types have identities that reflect the dominant party’s ideology or the ruler’s predilections. One can find distinctive patterns of foreign policy associated with each regime type in areas such as relations with Western powers, adherence to African norms, and willingness to engage in continental peacebuilding missions.

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  • March 1, 2023

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