Community Interventions to Promote Mental Health and Social Equity Article

Castillo, EG, Ijadi-Maghsoodi, R, Shadravan, S et al. (2019). Community Interventions to Promote Mental Health and Social Equity . CURRENT PSYCHIATRY REPORTS, 21(5), 10.1007/s11920-019-1017-0

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  • Castillo, EG; Ijadi-Maghsoodi, R; Shadravan, S; Moore, E; Mensah, MO; Docherty, M; Aguilera Nunez, MG; Barcelo, N; Goodsmith, N; Halpin, LE; Morton, I; Mango, J; Montero, AE; Rahmanian Koushkaki, S; Bromley, E; Chung, B; Jones, F; Gabrielian, S; Gelberg, L; Greenberg, JM; Kalofonos, I; Kataoka, SH; Miranda, J; Pincus, HA; Zima, BT; Wells, KB



  • Purpose of Review: We review recent community interventions to promote mental health and social equity. We define community interventions as those that involve multi-sector partnerships, emphasize community members as integral to the intervention, and/or deliver services in community settings. We examine literature in seven topic areas: collaborative care, early psychosis, school-based interventions, homelessness, criminal justice, global mental health, and mental health promotion/prevention. We adapt the social-ecological model for health promotion and provide a framework for understanding the actions of community interventions. Recent Findings: There are recent examples of effective interventions in each topic area. The majority of interventions focus on individual, family/interpersonal, and program/institutional social-ecological levels, with few intervening on whole communities or involving multiple non-healthcare sectors. Findings from many studies reinforce the interplay among mental health, interpersonal relationships, and social determinants of health. Summary: There is evidence for the effectiveness of community interventions for improving mental health and some social outcomes across social-ecological levels. Studies indicate the importance of ongoing resources and training to maintain long-term outcomes, explicit attention to ethics and processes to foster equitable partnerships, and policy reform to support sustainable healthcare-community collaborations.

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  • May 1, 2019

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