Psychological and Cardiovascular Effects of Meditation and Yoga Book Chapter

Bigliassi, M. (2020). Psychological and Cardiovascular Effects of Meditation and Yoga . 913-920. 10.1007/978-3-030-28008-6_57

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  • Bigliassi, M


  • Through the continuous scientific exploration into the deep realms of consciousness, researchers have discovered precious gems of knowledge, commonly referred to as meditation and yoga. Such “techniques” have been used for millennia as a means by which to optimize awareness, enhance compassion and empathy, and bring joy to one’s life. In the present chapter, the author briefly reviews some of the most recent and compelling studies addressing the psychological and cardiovascular effects of meditation and yoga. Special emphasis is given to mindfulness-based interventions and the traditional Indian spiritual practice of yoga. Overall, the results indicate that meditation and yoga are efficient strategies to downregulate psychophysiological arousal, facilitate handling of undesired thoughts, optimize one’s ability to deal with negative emotions, and reduce cardiovascular risk. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the brain mechanisms that underlie the effects of meditation and yoga on psychological and cardiovascular responses are hitherto underresearched. Future studies are still necessary to further understanding of the long-term effects of meditation and yoga on emotion regulation, psychosocial skills, and cardiovascular health (e.g., blood pressure reduction and prevention of cardiovascular disease).

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  • January 1, 2020

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