Structural and racial barriers to health care. Article

Burnes Bolton, L, Giger, JN, Georges, CA. (2004). Structural and racial barriers to health care. . 22 39-58.

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  • Burnes Bolton, L; Giger, JN; Georges, CA


  • Limited access to health care and a system fraught with discriminatory practices inhibit some racial and ethnic minorities from gaining access to health care and assurance of equal treatment once they enter the health care system. The purpose of this chapter is to critically and systematically analyze the research literature to determine what impact individual and institutional racism has had on the prevailing health disparities across racial and ethnic minority groups. The chapter includes the following: (1) a review of the term racism and a brief overview of the history of racism in health care; (2) a review of the research literature analyzing the impact of racism on health disparities; and (3) recommendations to end the systematic institutional racism in scientific research, which is necessary to end health disparities.

publication date

  • January 1, 2004

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  • 39

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  • 58


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