Overwash sedimentation associated with a large-scale northeaster Article

Leatherman, SP, Williams, AT, Fisher, JS. (1977). Overwash sedimentation associated with a large-scale northeaster . MARINE GEOLOGY, 24(2), 109-121. 10.1016/0025-3227(77)90004-4

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  • Leatherman, SP; Williams, AT; Fisher, JS


  • The December 1, 1974 northeaster was a significant event in terms of sediment transport with 20 m3 of sand per meter of dune breach being carried onto the backdune area of Assateague Island, Maryland as overwash. Previous investigators have reported larger transport rates for landfall hurricanes, but this is the largest amount recorded for a winter northeaster. The Ash Wednesday Storm, March 6-8, 1962, was a much larger event, but no quantitative data exists for overwash deposition. The resulting sedimentary deposit can be interpreted by defining sedimentation units. Inverse sediment grading was predominant, but normal grading occurred when the material was monomineralic and the unit totally depositional in nature. The timing of the storm surge was recorded in some sections as a distinctive heavy mineral enrichment in the sediment. © 1977.

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  • January 1, 1977

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