Shoreline response to sea-level rise: Ocean City, Maryland. Article

Leatherman, SP. (1986). Shoreline response to sea-level rise: Ocean City, Maryland. .

cited authors

  • Leatherman, SP


  • The geomorphic effects of projected sea level rise on Ocean City, a low lying landform along the Atlantic coast of Maryland, U.S.A., are described. Coastal modifications were evaluated for a range of projected sea level rise rates (baseline, mid low and mid high) at particular time periods. The objective is to determine the shoreline change in response to these assumed sea level increases by particular dates. To account for the wide variability in site and process, this study has combined analyses of historical trends and empirical approaches to project changes along Ocean City associated with the EPA sea level rise scenarios. Former shoreline positions portrayed on historical maps, once digitized and transformed by a sophisticated shoreline mapping programme, form the basis for projecting potential shoreline excursion rates as a result of sea level rise. These extrapolated rates can then be assessed in light of possible consequences that human modification may have on future trends. (from paper)

publication date

  • January 1, 1986