Overwash hydraulics and sediment transport. Article

Leatherman, SP. (1977). Overwash hydraulics and sediment transport. .

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  • Leatherman, SP


  • Overwash measurements were taken for the March 19-20, 1975 storm at Assateague Island, Maryland. This small winter northeaster resulted in an average of 29 ftSUB3 of overwash deposition per foot of dune breach. The overwash surges exhibited fairly high velocities compared to their low flow depths. Froude numbers indicated that the flow was generally subcritical, resulting in horizontal bedding of the overwash sediments. A classical fluid mechanics approach was used to determine the flow competency and capacity. Shields' diagram was used to show that the overwash surges could transport pebble size material. Einstein's bedload equation was used to predict the amount of sediment transport within accepted limits. (A)

publication date

  • January 1, 1977