Performance evaluation of electric vehicle model under skid control technique Article

Fawzy, N, Habib, HF, Mokhtari, S. (2021). Performance evaluation of electric vehicle model under skid control technique . 12(2), 10.3390/wevj12020083

cited authors

  • Fawzy, N; Habib, HF; Mokhtari, S


  • The rapid development of skid control safety applications in Electric Vehicles and modern vehicles calls for a more detailed assessment of the application-related design parameters. One of the main significant parameters in the design of such applications is the skid number threshold. The tire-road skid number is one of the most important variables that influences the sliding control system in modern vehicles. Most of the available studies in the academic literature have focused on testing the sliding mode controller based on estimating the driving forces of vehicles. However, the design of skid control application based on the pavement surface skid conditions is yet to be investigated. In order to fill the gap, this paper proposes a set of British Pendulum Numbers (BPN) for roadway surface treatments under two different weather conditions to enhance the design of the skid control application. The study results concluded that it is critical to accommodate for the lowest skid numbers range between BPN 22.63 and 31.94 for the sand treatment under snow pavement surface and the fog treatment under dry pavement surface, respectively. The results of this study can be beneficial to the automotive industry and transportation agencies when deciding to fine-tune the parameters of the skid control applications in modern vehicle technologies.

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  • January 1, 2021

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