Strategies to enhance communication with telemental health measurement-based care (tMBC). Article

Douglas, Susan, Jensen-Doss, Amanda, Ordorica, Catalina et al. (2020). Strategies to enhance communication with telemental health measurement-based care (tMBC). . 5(2), 143-149. 10.1037/pri0000119

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  • Douglas, Susan; Jensen-Doss, Amanda; Ordorica, Catalina; Comer, Jonathan S



  • Telehealth has always held great promise to increase access to mental health care, never more so than in the age of COVID-19, when clients can't or won't come to the clinician's physical location. A feasible and effective alternative to traditional in-person care, telemental health requires that clinicians adopt new strategies to build and maintain communication and the therapeutic relationship. This can be particularly troublesome for clinicians new to the modality, who may feel the loss of the "in-session" experience more acutely. As an evidence-based practice that is transtheoretical and transdiagnostic, telemental health measurement-based care (tMBC) is the ideal complement to enhance systematic ongoing monitoring, treatment engagement, and therapeutic alliance in the context of the virtual encounter. While tMBC mechanisms of actions are still being explored, there is promising evidence that tMBC improves clinician responsivity to acute client concerns. By using client-reported measures, tMBC provides an important pathway for clients to systematically communicate with their clinicians, which can guide therapeutic actions and contribute to shared understanding. This brief report summarizes the evidence for tMBC as a patient-centered communication tool and provides recommendations for evidence-based and practice-informed strategies to integrate tMBC into telehealth solutions, with suggestions for monitoring new concerns related to the COVID-19 crisis.

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  • June 1, 2020

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