Access control for XML - A dynamic query rewriting approach Conference

Mohan, S, Sengupta, A, Wu, Y. (2005). Access control for XML - A dynamic query rewriting approach . 251-252. 10.1145/1099554.1099612

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  • Mohan, S; Sengupta, A; Wu, Y


  • Being able to express and enforce role-based access control on XML data is a critical component of XML data management. However, given the semi-structured nature of XML, this is non-trivial, as access control can be applied on the values of nodes as well as on the structural relationship between nodes. In this context, we adopt and extend a graph editing language for specifying role-based access constraints in the form of security views. A Security Annotated Schema (SAS) is proposed as the internal representation for the security views and can be automatically constructed from the original schema and the security view specification. To enforce the access constraints on user queries, we propose Secure Query Rewrite (SQR) - a set of rules that can be used to rewrite a user XPath query on the security view into an equivalent XQuery expression against the original data, with the guarantee that the users only see information in the view but not any data that was blocked. Experimental evaluation demonstrates the efficiency and the expressiveness of our approach.

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  • December 1, 2005

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  • 251

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