Thinking Differently about Language Difference: Relocalized Listening Thesis or Dissertation

Sohan, Vanessa Kraemer. Thinking Differently about Language Difference: Relocalized Listening .

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  • Sohan, Vanessa Kraemer


  • This dissertation forwards the concept of 'relocalized listening,' an approach aligned with scholarship arguing for the need to listen responsibly across asymmetrical relations of power (Lu; Ratcliffe; Royster) and against the grain of monolingual ideologies toward a translingual approach to linguistic and cultural differences (Blommaert; Canagarajah; Horner, Lu, Royster, and Trimbur; Kramsch; Pennycook;). Relocalized listening focuses teachers and students on the role of the reader and writer in actively shaping conventions in the process of meaning making. It promotes methods of reading-writing-thinking that consider how the specific, contingent contexts in which writers work influence the ways they make use of - relocalize - established conventions of Standard Written English and Standard Academic Discourse. Attention to relocalization should enable us to help students recognize their agency, inquiring into how and why they make use of standards in particular instances of language practice. By highlighting the creative and critical labor of not only so-called non-native/multilingual/minority speakers but also so-called native/monolingual/mainstream English speakers, relocalized listening differs from past studies of alternative discourses. Citation reproduced with permission of ProQuest LLC. Abridged abstract reproduced with permission of ProQuest LLC. Full text available at URL below.


  • critical pedagogy
  • cultural differences
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  • language
  • language attitudes
  • multilingualism
  • reader response
  • rhetoric and composition
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