Position paper: Software modelling education Article

Seidl, M, Clarke, P. (2011). Position paper: Software modelling education . 52 10.14279/tuj.eceasst.52.747.754

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  • Seidl, M; Clarke, P



  • Model-driven engineering (MDE) is a promising paradigm to deal with the ever increasing complexity of modern software systems. Its powerful abstraction mechanisms allow developers to focus on the essential challenges hiding away irrelevant aspects of the system under development. Within the last few years, noticable progress has been made in putting the vision of MDE into practice, where the activity of textual coding is substituted by modeling. With matured concepts and stable tools available, MDE becomes more and more ready to be applied in software engineering projects. Nevertheless, the best available technology is worthless, if it is not accepted and used by the developers. Also in MDE profound training is needed to fully exploit its power. In this paper, we discuss the efforts taken in educational environments to promote the application of modeling and MDE technologies for the software development process and discuss several challenges which still have to be faced.

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  • January 1, 2011

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