Fast 1H NMR relaxation in some ruthenium hydrides Article

Castellanos, A, Ayllon, JA, Sabo-Étienne, S et al. (1999). Fast 1H NMR relaxation in some ruthenium hydrides . 2(5-6), 359-368. 10.1016/S1387-1609(00)88546-1

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  • Castellanos, A; Ayllon, JA; Sabo-Étienne, S; Donnadieu, B; Chaudret, B; Yao, W; Kavallieratos, K; Crabtree, RH


  • We report here the synthesis of the new hydride complexes (C5H4CH(CH2CH2)2NMe)-RuH(PPh3)2 (1) and [(C5H4CH(CH2CH2)2NHMe)-RuH(PPh3)2](BF4) (2), the X-ray crystal structures of 1 and 2, and an unprecedented observation of extremely short relaxation times in a monohydride complex as well as in the reaction of CpRuH(PPh3)2 with a variety of acidic proton donors. The relaxation is much faster than expected for a dipole-dipole process involving the two dihydrogen-bonded protons, but no origin for the effect could be suggested. © Académie des sciences/Elsevier, Paris.

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  • January 1, 1999

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