Computer-aided decision model for selecting a contractual system Conference

Ahmad, I, Morad, A. (1993). Computer-aided decision model for selecting a contractual system . 255-261.

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  • Ahmad, I; Morad, A



  • An owner of a construction project often faces the problem of selecting a contractual arrangement. The process of selecting a contractual system depends on the owner's preferred risk sharing arrangement and involves consideration of several factors. This risk sharing arrangement is primarily dependent on the objectives of the owner and the availability of a suitable contractor. The three factors that are important considerations for setting owner-objectives are cost, time and quality. Complex interaction among these factors along with associated uncertainties makes this selection process a difficult decision making problem. Complex decision making problems are solved by extracting the underlying logic and values of the decision maker and expressing it explicitly in the form of a structured model. A multiple criteria decision model to provide support to owners is presented in this paper. The model is being implemented using microcomputer-based software.

publication date

  • January 1, 1993

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  • 255

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  • 261