Activating the desire to learn by Bob Sullo Article

Gonzalez, L. (2007). Activating the desire to learn by Bob Sullo . 5(2),

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  • The topic of leadership in education is often researched as a microcosm of educational practice at large. Meaning there is a lack of literature designed to explore the theoretical frameworks that contribute to specific leadership traits and practices as they co-exist and permeate into the entire culture of the school. Due to the non-linear evolution of education we need to know more about the various aspects of leadership (Fullan, 2001) and have more options. This book review focuses on discussing literature that provides other options for leaders. Specifically, "Activating the Desire to Learn", approaches the topic of leadership from a broader context, namely motivation. Ideally, being equipped with a wealth of theoretical frameworks to draw upon, will provide superintendents, professors and principals with the flexibility and creativity required to achieve excellence and more significantly inspire others to do the same. Exploring motivational strategies is important because leaders' perceptions on what motivates others ultimately impact how they lead, and potentially affect the overall function, performance, quality, and sustainability of institutions or companies. © Copyright 2007 by Academic Leadership.

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  • September 10, 2007


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