Embroidered antennas for communication systems Book Chapter

Wang, Z, Volakis, JL, Kiourti, A. (2015). Embroidered antennas for communication systems . 201-237. 10.1016/B978-0-08-100201-8.00011-4

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  • Wang, Z; Volakis, JL; Kiourti, A



  • This chapter presents a novel class of embroidered textile antennas and radio frequency (RF) circuits based on the highly conductive metal-coated polymer fibers (E-fibers). The textile antennas are used to realize a variety of wearable RF electronics woven into daily garments. The subject E-fibers are composed of a high-strength and flexible polymer core, typically 10. μm in thickness, and are covered with a 2μm-thick metallic coating. Computerized embroidery machinery and high-density stitching are employed to achieve high conductivity and precise fabrication of E-fiber textiles woven into regular clothing. Using this process, various embroidered wearable antennas and sensors are designed and tested for applications to wireless communications, medical monitoring, and radio frequency identification. The textile antennas exhibit excellent RF performance, nearly as good as conventional copper antennas. Overall, the proposed embroidered textile antennas and RF circuitries provide solutions for future RF functionalized fashionable garments and body-worn communications.

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  • April 22, 2015

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  • 201

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  • 237