Puerto rican men's experiences with HIV/AIDS stigma Article

Betancourt-Díaz, E, Vasques-Guzzi, AC, Varas-Díaz, N. (2012). Puerto rican men's experiences with HIV/AIDS stigma . 17(37),

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  • Betancourt-Díaz, E; Vasques-Guzzi, AC; Varas-Díaz, N


  • Discourses on masculinities can have adverse implications for the health of men, increasing their vulnerability to specific illnesses, reducing their life expectancy, and their willingness to seek health related services. These social discourses regarding what is expected of men are enmeshed in the stigmatization of HIV/AIDS, therefore affecting their lives. Scientific research has documented gender differences in the HIV/AIDS stigma experience of people with the disease, but few have addressed the subject in the context of Puerto Rico. The objective of this study was to explore the interconnectedness of social discourses related to masculinities and the stigmatization of HIV/AIDS among Puerto Rican men. This was achieved through an exploratory design using qualitative semi-structured interviews with 16 Puerto Rican men with HIV. Results evidence the relation between masculinities and HIV/AIDS stigma in three dimensions: partner relations, stigma layers related to sexual preference, and difficulties managing emotions expressed by others. Results evidence the need to address HIV/AIDS stigma from a gender perspective as an initial step towards transforming the social discourse in which these men are embedded and their potential health implications. © 2012: Elba Betancourt-Díaz, Ana C. Vasques-Guzzi, Nelson Varas-Díaz, and Nova Southeastern University.

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  • September 10, 2012


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