Geographic and Ecological Setting of the Luquillo Mountains Book Chapter

McDowell, WH, Scatena, FN, Waide, RB et al. (2015). Geographic and Ecological Setting of the Luquillo Mountains . 10.1093/acprof:osobl/9780195334692.003.0003

cited authors

  • McDowell, WH; Scatena, FN; Waide, RB; Brokaw, N; Camilo, GR; Covich, AP; Crowl, TA; Gonz├ílez, G; Greathouse, EA; Klawinski, P; Jean Lodge, D; Lugo, AE; Pringle, CM; Richardson, BA; Richardson, MJ; Schaefer, DA; Silver, WL; Thompson, J; Vogt, DJ; Vogt, KA; Willig, MR; Woolbright, LL; Zou, X; Zimmerman, JK


  • This chapter describes the geologic, geographic, and ecological context of the location of Luquillo Mountains, particularly the factors affecting the response mechanisms of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems to disturbance. It describes the existing conditions of the physical environment, chemical environment, and the biota of the Luquillo Mountains as they respond to disturbances. It then merges the decade-long research about the Mountains with the other tropical ecosystems around the globe.

publication date

  • May 8, 2015

International Standard Book Number (ISBN) 13