InSAR-based hydrology of the Everglades, South Florida Conference

Wdowinski, S, Amelung, F, Miralles-Wilhelm, F et al. (2004). InSAR-based hydrology of the Everglades, South Florida .(550), 47-52.

cited authors

  • Wdowinski, S; Amelung, F; Miralles-Wilhelm, F; Dixon, T; Carande, R


  • New space-based observations of South Florida reveal spatially detailed, quantitative images of water levels in the Everglades, the focus of the largest wetlands restoration project yet attempted. The new data capture dynamic water level topography, providing the first three-dimensional regional-scale picture of wetland sheet flow. We observe localized radial sheet flow in addition to well-known southward unidirectional sheet flow. Our study shows that space-based hydrological observations can provide critical information for monitoring, understanding and managing wetland sheet flow, and contribute to wetland restoration.

publication date

  • December 1, 2004

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  • 47

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  • 52


  • 550