Predator–prey interactions Book Chapter

Heithaus, MR. (2004). Predator–prey interactions . 487-522.

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  • Heithaus, MR


  • Predator–prey interactions play a central role in the behavior, ecology, and population biology of most taxa and are critical in community dynamics. For elasmobranchs, most studies focus only on their role as a predator. This is an important oversight as most species are both predator and prey, at least for periods of their life history. In this chapter I place predator–prey interactions in the rich theoretical framework that has developed over the last several decades, from both a behavioral and a trophic perspective. Rather than compiling an exhaustive list of predator–prey interactions, I develop a framework for these interactions highlighting relevant elasmobranch examples. While there have been intriguing studies, there is much work to do and I hope that this chapter will help stimulate studies based on hypothesis testing that will help answer unresolved issues in the behavior and ecology of elasmobranchs.

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  • January 1, 2004

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  • 487

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  • 522