On-demand geo-referenced TerraFly data miner Conference

Rishe, N, Chekmasov, M, Chekmasova, M et al. (2003). On-demand geo-referenced TerraFly data miner . 277-279. 10.1145/604079.604098

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  • Rishe, N; Chekmasov, M; Chekmasova, M; Graham, S; De Felipe, I



  • We present a comprehensive Internet data extraction tool adopted for the TerraFly Geographic Information System (GIS). TerraFly is a web-enabled system that allows users to virtually fly over remotely sensed data, including satellite imagery and aerial photography, using a standard Internet browser. The data extraction tool presented here is designed to augment the user's virtual flight experience with extensive data relevant to any given geographical point along the virtual flight path. The data presented to the user is retrieved from several server-side databases and is collected from the Internet data providers using our patented data extraction technology. Some data elements are presented to the user as overlays, some in popup windows, and some via hyper-linking to third-party web sites.

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  • January 1, 2003

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  • 277

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  • 279