Polarization of the cascade hyperon in photoproduction Conference

Bono, J, Guo, L, Raue, B. (2013). Polarization of the cascade hyperon in photoproduction .

cited authors

  • Bono, J; Guo, L; Raue, B


  • The weak decay of hyperons offers a valuable means of measuring their polarization, which provides insight into the mechanisms behind hyperon production. Jefferson Lab's CLAS collaboration has utilized this property of hyperons, publishing the most precise polarization measurements for the A to date in both photo and electroproduction [1, 2, 3]. In contrast, no such studies have been obtained for the Ξ- in photoproduction due to a low production cross section and the resulting lack of data. However, CLAS data were collected in 2008 with a luminosity of 68pb-1 using a circularly polarized photon beam with energies up to 5.45 GeV and a liquid hydrogen target. This dataset is, at present, the world's largest for photoproduction in this energy range and provides a first time opportunity to study the polarization of the Ξ- in photoproduction. Preliminary results displaying polarization in bins of beam energy and center of mass Ξ- angle are shown along with basic features of the data. A comparison with upcoming polarization predictions from various theoretical production models and experimental results will help constrain the production mechanism.

publication date

  • January 1, 2013