Turbulent developing fluid flow in helical pipes Article

Lin, CX, Ebadian, MA. (1996). Turbulent developing fluid flow in helical pipes . 324 65-70.

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  • Lin, CX; Ebadian, MA



  • A fully elliptic numerical study has been carried out to investigate three-dimensional turbulent developing fluid flow in helical pipes with finite pitch. The k-ε standard two-equation turbulence model is applied. The governing equations are solved by a Control-Volume Finite Element Method (CVFEM). The results presented here cover a Reynolds number range of 2.5×104 ∼ 2.5×105, a pitch range of 0.0 ∼ 0.6, and a curvature ratio range of 0.025 ∼ 0.050. The developments of main and secondary flow fields, turbulent kinetic energy fields, and local and average friction factors are reported and discussed. It has been found that three parameters - Reynolds number, pitch and curvature ratio - generate very complex effects on the development of the turbulent flow fields. Moreover, along the axial direction, the friction factor experiences an oscillatory period before the flow becomes fully developed.

publication date

  • December 1, 1996

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