Spatial data for modeling wildlife habitat Article

Lyon, JG, Heinen, JT, Mead, RA et al. (1987). Spatial data for modeling wildlife habitat . 113(2), 88-100. 10.1061/(ASCE)0733-9453(1987)113:2(88)

cited authors

  • Lyon, JG; Heinen, JT; Mead, RA; Roller, NEG



  • Three models are presented that use the presence and spatial characteristics of land-cover types to calculate quality of wildlife habitat. The modeling approaches include the use of a Geographic Information System (GIS) and a multiple variable data base for modeling habitat characteristics, and an Integrated Point Area model (IPA) and a Point Specific Estimator model (PSE) for estimation of quality from single variable data bases. Applications of these models illustrate the capability and sensitivity of spatial models and parameters derived from map and remote sensor data. Results included a verification of the IPA model, a sensitivity analysis of parameters in the PSE model, and a test of the GIS model. Model evaluations revealed the value of these approaches for supplying habitat quality ratings. The models together constitute an evaluation of each element of a comprehensive experiment, even though elements are missing from individual experiments. © ASCE.

publication date

  • January 1, 1987

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