Simulation and experimental validation of a magnetocaloric microcooler Conference

Ghirlanda, SL, Hernandez, CF, Rahman, MM et al. (2006). Simulation and experimental validation of a magnetocaloric microcooler . 10.1115/IMECE2006-15358

cited authors

  • Ghirlanda, SL; Hernandez, CF; Rahman, MM; Kim, S; Bhansali, S


  • This research focuses on the simulation and experimental test and validation of a magnetocaloric microcooler that works under a small magnetic field obtainable by an electromagnet or a permanent magnet. The numerical simulation model of the cooler was constructed by finite element method. Three different kinds of bonded channel layers were used. The temperature change of the working fluid in the cooler was analyzed. The results from the simulation showed a clear fluid temperature difference between the outlet and inlet of the channel (AT) of 11°C while the fluid average temperature ≈ 7.01°C at the outlet of the microcooler. The microcooler was fabricated using the MEMS processes, and experimental setup was developed for testing of the microcooler. The cooling test was performed for coolers with different channel layers - only micro channel wafer, microchannels in Si-Si fusion bonded wafers and microchannels in glass-Si anodic bonded wafers. Simulated and experimental results of the cooler demonstrate the effect of the materials that were used for microchannels and intermediate plates, on the cooling characteristics. Copyright © 2006 by ASME.

publication date

  • January 1, 2006

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