• Gray Read, associate professor of Architecture, holds a PhD from University of Pennsylvania and is a registered Architect. Her research explores historical practices of urbanism, which can inform contemporary sustainable and resilient design, focusing on how buildings act with people in the events of daily life. Her books include: Modern Architecture in Theater: The Experiments of Art et Action (Palgrave Press, 2013), an edited volume, Architecture as a Performing Art, with Marcia Feuerstein, (Ashgate Press, 2013), and The Miniature and the Gigantic in Philadelphia Architecture: Essays on Designing the City to Human Scale, (Mellen Press, 2007). All address historical strategies for urbanism that are essential to building a sustainable future. Her most recent project is: “Carbon: Its History and Future by Powers of Ten” a graphic history of climate change, stepping backwards in time by powers of ten, then looking forward in projections for the next hundred and thousand years.

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  • Alice Read