• Neil Ramsay, Creative Economist, believes we have an adequate amount of siloed expertise and entities in the marketplace. "We are in a deficit of nodal mechanisms for these self-preservation constructs to transform to us-preservation," Neil notes. When repurposing the resources for competition (what he says will eventually be deemed waste production) to fuel collaborations, we'll ultimately realize the higher-purpose potential of these market-leading entities.

    Ramsay is a Principal at CUUE, Inc. Creative Unique Urban Experiences, a mixed-use development company and design theory repository founded in 2017. Ramsay is responsible for strategy, research and collaborations with human-centered design specialists and integrating best design practices in built-environment projects.

    Director Food, Art + Technology (FATVillage) Art District Inc. Working directly with the founding principals on strategic and business development of the city-designated arts district. Ramsay is the founding Director of ArtsUP! Concepts located in FATVillage, an experimental art installation warehouse gallery, demonstrating alternative art integration for commercial spaces.

    Florida International University (FIU) Ratcliffe Art + Design Incubator. Ramsay is the Co-designer of the first incubator located in a State of Florida University System dedicated to the entrepreneurial development of creative practitioners. This intrapreneurial startup, led by a team of three, has been awarded $3mil plus for impact since its founding in 2017.

    Neil Ramsay is a course designer and Research Associate at FIU, a Tier One Research University.

    He's degreed in Business Economics, Finance, and Marketing. He holds professional certificates in Risk Management, Human Resources Management.

    Neil has an affiliation with:
    • Creative Capital
    • NEW INC New Museum
    • Hudson Community Incubator (HCI)
    • FIU SOA Superstudio Interior, Landscape Architecture, Environmental, and Urban Design/LAEUD program

full name

  • Neil Ramsay