• Dipendra Pandeya is an Associate Professor and involved in the field of Genetics education of medical students. He is the course director of Foundation I in Medical Curriculum and Molecular Genetics and Cellular Biology for PhD program. Dr. Pandeya has been actively involved in medical education since 2006 and was named an Academy Fellow of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (FAACC). Prior to joining HWCOM, Pandeya served as an Associate Professor & Course Director of Genetics & Development at the Medical University of the Americas (MUA), Nevis. Furthermore, Dr. Pandeya has imparted his knowledge at educational institutions in Saudi Arabia and Nepal. His professional journey is distinguished by substantial contributions to both medical education and research. His teaching styles have included traditional lecture-styled, problem-based active learning as well as integrated-system approaches.
    Dr. Pandeya is an active member of professional organizations such as the International Association for Medical Science Educators (IAMSE), Association of Professors of Human & Medical Genetics (APHMG), Association of Biochemistry Educators (ABE), American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) and the Nepalese Association for Clinical Chemistry (NACC). His excellence in academics is shown by the number of awards and grants he has received at various stages in his career. Dr. Pandeya has authored numerous research papers published in esteemed medical journals. His work covers a wide range of Biomedical Sciences topics. He has published 60 research papers, and his work has been cited in more than 1452 indexed journals. He serves on editorial boards and reviews journals in his field.

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  • Pandeya’s current research interest is in medical education.

    Innovative Strategies in Medical Education

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  • Dipendra Pandeya