• Dr. Loewenherz practices Nephrology, Critical Care, Hyperbaric Medicine and Internal Medicine at multiple Baptist Health affiliated hospitals.
    He serves on the South Miami Hospital Board of Directors.
    His responsibilities include duties as Medical Director of Hyperbaric Medicine at Mariners Hospital, Tavernier, FL. and Medical Director of Dialysis services at South Miami Hospital.
    As a designated Senior FAA Aviation Medical Examiner, HIMS qualified, He examines pilots for fitness to fly, in addition to being a licensed Commercial, Instrument Pilot.
    He also serves as a member of the FIU Foundation Board.
    His teaching activities include instruction in the medical aspects of Hyperbaric Medicine, and Nephrology.

research interests

  • Dr. Loewenherz has studied and published articles regarding analytic instruments for chemical reactions. Pulmonary physiology regarding re-expansion pulmonary edema, Decompression Sickness, Contrast mediated injury to the kidneys among other topics. In addition, he is a contributor to the NOAA Diving Manual.

full name

  • James Loewenherz