Lasaga, Manuel Graduate Faculty



  • Dr. Lasaga is president of Strategic Information Analysis, Inc. (StratInfo), an economics and finance consulting firm established in 1993 in Miami, Florida.

    As a business economist he has more than 25 years’ experience advising entrepreneurs, multinational corporations, financial institutions, government agencies and professional services firms. He has a nationally recognized capability for independent analysis of the Florida, U.S., and Latin American economies and financial markets and is an advisor to banks in the areas of strategic planning and asset/liability management. He is also an investment advisor.

    Dr. Lasaga has held high-level positions with Citicorp in New York, Wharton Econometrics in Philadelphia and Southeast Bank in Miami. In addition, he has consulted for 18 years with the World Bank in Washington, DC, specializing in the evaluation of capital markets and development projects in emerging markets.

research interests

  • Commercial Banking; Competitive Strategy and Strategic Planning; Development Financing; International Finance; International Trade; Latin American Economies and Financial Markets; Business Planning

full name

  • Manuel Lasaga