• Mr. Kurland is passionately dedicated to the idea of mandatory public speaking instruction as a requirement for all, repeat, all university students, and is currently working on article entitled “Bring Back Show & Tell”. Mr. Kurland’s career is a virtual prism of communication diversity – he has taught public speaking at Temple University and the Free School of the University of Pennsylvania, as well as private sector corporate communication. Mr. Kurland has been a member of Actor’s Equity since 1969 and has performed in over fifty plays and musicals. In 2003-04 Mr. Kurland offered his services to the Miami Dade Election Department training poll workers. Presently, Mr. Kurland serves as Chair of the Miami Bayside Foundation, Board member of the Bayfront Park, as well as a Board member of the Miami Sports & Exihibition Authority. When he is not teaching, Mr. Kurland can often be seen at Miami City Hall during City Commission meetings.

full name

  • Nathan Kurland