• Dr. Darren R. Kaufman, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Critical Care, received his medical degree from the New York Medical College. Dr. Kaufman did his residency in internal medicine at State University of New York at Upstate, and thereafter transitioned into emergency medicine as an attending at Baptist Hospital of Miami. Dr. Kaufman practiced at Baptist for the next 30 years, where he became the Assistant Director of the Emergency Department. As FIU HWCOM came about Dr. Kaufman began precepting pre-clinical students in the Baptist ED as community-based faculty for HWCOM. Dr. Kaufman received the Excellence in Teaching Award his very first year on faculty. As he became more involved in medical education, working with several clinical clerkships at HWCOM, Dr. Kaufman became full-time faculty at FIU, Vice Chair and Clerkship Director for the department of Emergency Medicine & Critical Care.

full name

  • Darren Kaufman