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  • Dr. Nicole Kashian is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication. She holds a PhD in Communication from Michigan State University. Her research focuses on the use of mediated communication in interpersonal relationships in relational and health contexts. She has published many peer-reviewed articles in well-respected national and international journals, such as Communication Research, Science Communication, and Health Communication.
    Dr. Kashian has taught a variety of courses, including one graduate class, across modalities (in person, certified hybrid, remote, and fully online). She enjoys teaching classes about the impact of social media on communication, communication theory, and research methods in communication, among others. She has also supervised students, providing opportunities for involvement in research projects.
    Dr. Kashian has a record of service on multiple levels. She serves on departmental and college level committees and manages the department’s research participation pool. She also serves as an ad hoc reviewer for well-respected peer reviewed journals in the field of communication, and regularly reviews competitive paper submissions for the annual meetings of the national and the international communication associations, of which she is also member.

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  • Nicole Kashian


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