• Dr. Kristin Elink-Schuurman-Laura is an assistant teaching professor in FIU’s Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice who specializes in forensic evidence and criminal investigation. Dr. Elink-Schuurman-Laura’s Ph.D. in Criminal Justice is from the University of New Haven and her dissertation focused on the efficacy of CODIS, AFIS, and NIBIN. While completing her degree, Dr. Elink-Schuurman-Laura was the Senior Research Associate for an NIJ funded research project that focused on forensic evidence efficacy.

    Dr. Elink-Schuurman-Laura also holds BS and MS degrees in Criminal Forensic Studies from Florida Gulf Coast University. While at FGCU, Dr. Elink-Schuurman-Laura was the Project Manager for the Radford/FGCU Serial Killer Database, one of the largest non-governmental serial killer databases in the world. While obtaining her MS, Dr. Elink-Schuurman-Laura held volunteer positions in the Florida Emergency Mortuary Operations Response System (FEMORS), as well as the NCIC Cold Case and Missing Persons Task Force. As a graduate assistant, she was also in charge of administering and supervising several forensic science classes, including criminalistics and crime scene processing classes.

research interests

  • Efficacy of Forensic Evidence | Forensic Databases | Criminal Investigations

full name

  • Kristin Elink Schuurman Laura