• Dr. Newton D souza is an Associate Professor at the Department of Interior Architecture, College of Communication, Architecture + the Arts at Florida International University, Miami. He is currently a program coordinator for Interdisciplinary Health Care Design Program at Department of Interior Architecture. Dr. D souza has previously served as a Director of Graduate Studies at the Department of Architectural Studies and faculty collaborator at the Immersive Lab at University of Missouri-Columbia. Over the past 15 years, intrigued by his own experience as a professional designer and researcher, Dr. D souza has conducted research in human factors in design, environment;behavior, design cognition and emerging media environments. He has initiated several projects in design visualization including use of virtual reality and use of neural measurements for design. He is widely published in Journal of Design Studies, Handbook of Interior Design, Environment Design research Association, Architecture Research Quarterly, and Journal of Design Research among others. Currently, he is authoring a book titled "The Multi-Skilled Designer: A Cognitive Explanation for Diversity in Design Thinking through Routledge publications. Dr. D souza serves as an active member of the Environment Design Research Association and the Design Thinking Research Symposium. He is a recipient of several grant funding awards including MU System Research Board award, MU Research Council Award, and Mizzou Advantage Media of the Future Award. He has served as a chair and committee member for various graduate doctoral committees and was a recipient of 2014 Ernest L. Boyer International Award for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Technology.

research interests

  • Design cognition; Environment- Behavior; Design; Thinking; Multiple Intelligences; New Media

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full name

  • Newton Dsouza Prabhu