• Dayne Alonso is a physician assistant with over 18 years of clinical experience and is a community healthcare provider in the area of hematology. She teaches the Role of the PA course, Hematology/Oncology Clinical Medicine Module, and is responsible for organizing the OSCE portion of the Didactic Phase of the program. Prior to joining FIU, PA Alonso has been in PA education for over 15 years and has been practicing clinically in the field of hematology/oncology. Currently, in her clinical role, she has a special focus on women's health hematology. As a leader within the PA profession, PA Alonso is the Chair of the Council on Physician Assistants within the Florida Board of Medicine. She is a past president and prior legislative affairs chairperson of the Florida Academy of Physician Assistants.

research interests

  • Admission requirements for PA programs an d correlation with PANCE pass rates
    The PA-CAT correlation with success in PA programs

full name

  • Dayne Alonso