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The Green Library and Hubert Library represent the physical and metaphorical hearts of their respective campuses at MMC and BBC. Uniquely positioned at the intersection of information, technology, and innovation, the FIU Libraries engage with local and global partners to foster student-centered learning and to support internationally recognized research. The Green Library at MMC is open 24/5, plus Saturday and Sunday hours, and the Hubert Library at BBC is open over 110 hours per week. Embodying the very best attributes of teaching, learning, and service, our librarians and staff love to answer questions on books, journal articles, and other information resources as they strive to empower students and help them become discerning and analytical researchers, especially in an age of information overload. As such, the Libraries invest heavily in content in all formats: print, digital text, and other media, such as streaming video. The FIU Libraries hold nearly two million print volumes, provide print or digital access to over 100,000 journals, magazines, and newspapers, and offer use of over a thousand databases, ranging from European legal statutes to fictional characters. As FIU moves toward more hybrid and online course offerings, the FIU Libraries have shifted purchasing towards a greater focus on e-books and digital subscriptions. The vast majority of this digital content is not available in free web search engines such as Google, but the investments made by the FIU Libraries ensure that our students, faculty, and staff have continuous access to high quality research materials and data anytime, anywhere. The FIU Libraries also provide many other services to help you succeed. Need a place to work on that paper or finish that group project Check out our quiet floors, conversation floors, and group study rooms. Need to use electronic equipment There are desktop computers, laptops, iPads, cameras, and portable chargers available to borrow. And make sure youre familiar with the top ten things to know about the FIU Libraries, for students and for faculty members. Whether you stop by our buildings or check us out online, we hope youll consider the FIU Libraries to be a partner and source of quality learning during your time at FIU. Visit, explore all we have to offer, and feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

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