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The FIU Department of Radiology has over 100 clinical faculty distributed among the major clinical affiliates of the College of Medicine. Vision & Goals The Department of Radiology strives to be recognized as a premier provider of imaging services to the community, an invaluable component of medical student education and other healthcare staff, and as a site for the advancement and pioneering of imaging research. The department strives to provide the highest quality medical education in training medical students, residents, technologists, faculty and fellow physicians. Research The Department of Radiology has a very active voluntary faculty and research is currently being carried out in a number of areas, including: Use of radioactive microspheres in treatment of hepatic malignancy Cardiac CT Minimally invasive imaging and treatment Augmented reality ultrasound Clinical The Department of Radiologys faculty and affiliated radiologists at Radiology Associates of South Florida (RASF) and the Baptist Cardiac and Vascular Institute (BCVI) have published over 200 peer reviewed articles. The departments faculty is nationally and internationally recognized for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology and its membership in reputable national and international organizations. Education and Training The educational focus of the Department of Radiology is currently on giving medical students a firm basis in the use of imaging procedures in the demonstration of normal anatomy and the evaluation of disease. This it is doing by: Incorporation of imaging techniques demonstrating relevant anatomy and pathology into the relevant organ system courses in Periods 1 and 2 Providing a 2 week imaging bootcamp in Period 3, incorporating active learning techniques and online resources Providing specialty rotations in imaging in Period 4 for those students who wish a more in-depth experience in specific areas such as pediatric imaging, ultrasound and musculoskeletal imaging