Online Moving Object Visualization with Geo-Referenced Data Dissertation

(2015). Online Moving Object Visualization with Geo-Referenced Data . 10.25148/etd.FIDC000741

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  • Zhao, Guangqiang


  • As a result of the rapid evolution of smart mobile devices and the wide application of satellite-based positioning devices, the moving object database (MOD) has become a hot research topic in recent years. The moving objects generate a large amount of geo-referenced data in different types, such as videos, audios, images and sensor logs. In order to better analyze and utilize the data, it is useful and necessary to visualize the data on a map.

    With the rise of web mapping, visualizing the moving object and geo-referenced data has never been so easy. While displaying the trajectory of a moving object is a mature technology, there is little research on visualizing both the location and data of the moving objects in a synchronized manner.

    This dissertation proposes a general moving object visualization model to address the above problem. This model divides the spatial data visualization systems into four categories. Another contribution of this dissertation is to provide a framework, which deals with all these visualization tasks with synchronization control in mind. This platform relies on the TerraFly web mapping system.

    To evaluate the universality and effectiveness of the proposed framework, this dissertation presents four visualization systems to deal with a variety of situations and different data types.

publication date

  • November 13, 2015


  • data visualization
  • geo-referenced data
  • moving object database

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