A sem-odb application for the western cultures database Thesis

(1998). A sem-odb application for the western cultures database . 10.25148/etd.FI15101565

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  • Ghersgorin, Raquel


  • This thesis presents the evolution of the Western Cultures Database. The project starts with a database design using a Semantic modeling, and continues with the implementation following two techniques: a Relational and a Semantic approach. The project continues with them in parallel, reaching a point where the Relational is left aside because of the advantages of the Semantic (Sem-ODB) approach.

    The Semantic implementation produces as a result the Western Culture Semantic Database Application - web interface (the main contribution of this thesis). The database is created and populated using Sem ODB and the web interface is built using WebRG (report generator), HTML, JavaScript and JavaChart (applets for graphical representation). The resulting semantic application permits the storage and retrieval of data, the display of reports and the graphical representation of the data through a Web interface. All of these to support research assertions about the impact of historical figures in Western Cultures.

publication date

  • July 21, 1998

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