Magic City Gospel Thesis

(2015). Magic City Gospel . 10.25148/etd.FI15032143

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  • Jones, Ashley M


  • Magic City Gospel is a collection of poems that explores themes of race and identity with a special focus on racism in the American South. Many of the poems deal directly with the author’s upbringing in Birmingham, Alabama, the Magic City, and the ways in which the history of that geographical place informs the present. Magic City Gospel confronts race and identity through pop culture, history, and the author’s personal experiences as a black, Alabama-born woman. Magic City Gospel is, in part, influenced by the biting, but softly rendered truth and historical commentary of Lucille Clifton, the laid-back and inventive poetry of Terrance Hayes, the biting and unapologetically feminist poetry of Audre Lorde, and the syncopated, exact, musical poetry of Kevin Young. These and other authors like Tim Siebles, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Major Jackson influence poems as they approach the complicated racial and national identity of the author.

publication date

  • March 2, 2015


  • African American
  • Alabama
  • America
  • Birmingham
  • Civil Rights Movement
  • faith
  • feminism
  • poetry
  • religion
  • southern

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