Chords Thesis

(2005). Chords . 10.25148/etd.FI14052548

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  • Camacho, John


  • CHORDS is a collection of diverse lyric and narrative poems. The book is primarily composed of free verse in the colloquial tradition of James Wright. CHORDS employs the Romantic device of a strong narrative "I," and utilizes four thematic sections, each named after a specific musical chord, which correspond to four periods in the narrator's life.

    Section one, "Suspended," follows the young narrator through a tumultuous childhood, underscored by family loss and the disruption of a move from Miami to rural Kentucky; section two, "Diminished," details his adolescence and young adulthood, a period of rebellion and confusion; section three, "Augmented," finds the adult narrator contemplating several life-changing events-marriage, the break-up of his rock and roll band, and the dedication of his life to Christ; finally, in "Resolved," the narrator comes to accept the complexities of his life, and to build, from its dissonant notes, a final chord of resolution.

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  • March 15, 2005

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