The short reign of Sultan Osman and other stories Thesis

(1998). The short reign of Sultan Osman and other stories . 10.25148/etd.FI14050463

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  • Beaty, David


  • A character discovering and testing the limits of his emotional or psychological range most interests me. What will he choose to do? Stay within his old boundaries? Or try and go beyond them? What does he learn about himself in the process? And, finally, what price will be exacted, either for his staying where he is, or for his choosing a new level of self-knowledge? "The Short Reign Of Sultan Osman and Other Stories" is a collection of short stories set in either the United States, Greece, or Brazil, and ranging in time from 1972 to today. Each story presents its protagonist with challenges unique to a specific time and place. In most of these stories, the protagonists are driven by an urge for love or for mastery, and these urges send them across landscapes of delusion or folly before they can arrive at some sense of self-knowledge.

publication date

  • March 24, 1998

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