Where there's Smoke Thesis

(1992). Where there's Smoke . 10.25148/etd.FI13101565

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  • Albo, Elisa


  • This thesis is a collection of thematically arranged poems that explore one of the significant ways in which we define ourselves as human beings, that is, through our past and present relationships with others, whether those relationships are familial, cultural, social or personal. Through the direct presentation of images, these largely narrative poems seek to refine perception and thus reveal some of the complicated truths inherent in our various relationships with others, all in an effort to find meaning. The form of the poems often reveals a process, a continual redefining of views on human experience in both its life-affirming and disappointing aspects. It is through such discovery and disclosure that these poems aim to affirm the process, passion, and meaningfulness of art and life.

publication date

  • November 6, 1992

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