Fault Line Thesis

(2013). Fault Line . 10.25148/etd.FI13042339

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  • Belcher, Kacee Lynn


  • FAULT LINE examines the fragile humanity connected to the themes of sexuality, violence, addiction, family dynamics, and death. The book is not broken into sections; rather, as poems build upon one another to explore a narrative arc, FAULT LINE tracks a single speaker’s experience from girlhood to the verge of independent womanhood. The speaker employs formal structures such as the prose poem, sestina, and particularly the list poem to examine the fluidity of inner experience and also the culture at large while challenging the narrow definitions of femininity and masculinity. FAULT LINE works to not only address the question of blame but also the literal breaks in lines of poetry. By looking at a single speaker’s struggle, the book, like life, is both humorous and horrifying.

publication date

  • February 20, 2013


  • Barstools
  • Beyond
  • Cage
  • Famous
  • Fault
  • Horrifying
  • Line
  • Monkey
  • Poem
  • Zoo

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