Birds of Ohio Thesis

(2012). Birds of Ohio . 10.25148/etd.FI12050217

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  • Hughes, Amy L


  • BIRDS OF OHIO is a collection of lyrical and narrative poems that explore the interior nature of domestic life. These poems peer below the surface of ideas like home, family, faith, and marriage to reveal the complex contradictions and particular moments of love, fear, pain, and grace that create the domestic world of the speaker. Rooted in natural landscapes and often drawing on religious language, the poems point to the meeting of the physical and spiritual worlds, at times blurring the distinction between them. The collection is not divided into sections; rather, the different themes are braided together to create a portrait of domestic life where experiences of love and death, questions of faith and meaning, and conflict concerning marriage, family, addiction, and the idea of home are inextricable from one another.

publication date

  • March 6, 2012


  • Poetry

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