Leaving Little Havana Thesis

(2010). Leaving Little Havana . 10.25148/etd.FI10112013

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  • Fernandez, Cecilia


  • Leaving Little Havana is the story of a young girl who leaves her comfortable middle-class home in La Habana just after the Cuban Revolution and, fighting to overcome cultural and language barriers, forges a new life in Miami. Dealing with a torn identity and discovering her voice are at the center of the narrative. After an endless string of escapades, she finally pulls herself together, learns the value of her inner strength by rising above bleak circumstances and gets accepted to journalism school in California. The book examines the devastating effects of immigration on a family and the struggle of a child of Cuban exiles, coming of age in a foreign society, to beat the obstacles that stand in her way to a stable and satisfying life. The narrator shows that Cuban immigrants share similar challenges with all who have aspired to make America their home.

publication date

  • November 9, 2010


  • Cuban revolution
  • Cuban women
  • Cuban-American memoir
  • La Habana
  • Miami
  • coming of age
  • cultural and language barriers
  • exile
  • identity politics
  • immigrants

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