Trace Metal Facility Core Facility

The Trace Metal Facility Core promotes collaborative studies on trace metals in the environmental and biological systems by providing a facility for ARCH members at Florida International University and the University of Miami and other collaborators.

equipment in facility

  • The major instruments include (1) a PerkinElmer ELAN DRCe ICP-MS for analysis of trace metals, (2) a PerkinElmer Series 200 HPLC coupled with UV/Vis detector and/or ICP-MS for metal speciation, (3) a TSP 3000 series HPLC coupled with a PS Analytical AFS for arsenic speciation, (4) a PS Analytical hydride generation AFS (HG-AFS) for total arsenic analysis, (5) a PS Analytical cold vapor AFS (CVAFS) for total mercury analysis, and (6) a GC-AFS system for mercury speciation analysis.


  • Trace metal analysis protocols Clean area for sample preparation Instrument analysis

contact information

  • Dr. Yong Cai Modesto A. Maidique Campus 11200 SW 8th Street, CP 373 Miami, FL 33199 Phone: 305-348-6210 Email: Dr. Guangliang Liu Phone: 305-348-6235 Email:


recharge center

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